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January 21, 2013

“Emerald” Patone Color of the Year for 2013!

Companies like Pantone create standardized colors that help extend our color vocabulary across a variety of artistic industries. Two of those industries are fashion and interior design, and they’re interconnected.


Emerald fits another over-riding trend for 2013: A longing for luxury.

Emerald is known as the color of growth, renewal and prosperity according to color experts at Pantone.  The color has been rising for several seasons in both the fashion and decor markets and has increasingly become a staple color on the red carpet.  Green is the most abundant color in nature making it one of the most seen colors in the spectrum.



Trend forecaster Pantone Color Institute annually sets a palette for fashion and home decor, pulling from current trends, tastes and national mood. From those color swatches, Pantone names one tone as its Color of the Year.


Since picking sky-blue Cerulean in 2000 as its “Color of the Millennium,” Pantone has stuck with blue tones, choosing five different blues in 14 years (including two shades of turquoise). A lot of trend watchers thought another blue – deep ocean Monaco Blue – would be the choice for 2013, but Pantone went for deep green Emerald instead.

Over the years, some colors – such as red-hot Chili Pepper – have had more staying power than others, sticking around from several seasons. But others – such as dusky Sand Dollar – seem like a ripple on the beach, quickly fading from memory.

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