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August 31, 2009

The Light Chip

The Light Chip is a 5 x 5 cm transparent square, less than 1 mm thick that shows what happens when polarized light is applied to double-refractive mineral crystals.  Fascinating abstract color imagery, spanning the entire visible light spectrum (including black and white) is presented, changing each time the chip is angled differently to a light source.

Esclaire Tile

Esclaire Tile

The Light Chip comes to life when placed or held in front of any light source, including sunlight.  The patterns displayed appear to move as colors juxtapose.  A lenticular quality (showing depth or motion as the viewing angle changes) can be seen – almost to the point of appearing holographic.

Harnessing the optical properties of minerals through polarized light, The Light Chip splits a beam of light into two rays.  One of the rays is faster than the other.  Eventually, the two rays of light are brought back together on one plane of oscillation and when this happens, colorful, abstract patterns appear.

Esclaire Tile

Here we invite one of the fastest things in our known universe (light), make it coherent with polarizing filters and then, witness it’s interaction with random arrangements of double-refractive mineral crystals, millions of years old – pretty cool.

A close-up image of a sample Light Chip is shown above. Notice the depth and what appears to resemble rocks in the center. The Light Chip appears to challenge the mind to make sense of it’s shifting colors, shadows and abstract patterns.  The gradient above shows the color emission spectrum for the mineral muscovite in polarized light.  To view a short video-clip click the picture below or The Light Chip to see the interaction with light!

Light Chip VideoApplications:

  • Science Education
  • Light Research
  • Decorative Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Digital Photography (for making spectacular, high resolution backgrounds for advertising and other projects)
  • Color therapy
  • Gift Idea for any occasion

Each Light Chip comes mounted in a 7 x 7 cm acrylic frame casing in a gift box.  Because the Light Chip is made by hand, every chip is unique and no two the same.  Offering price for the gift set is $99.95.  Inquiries@ashlijewelers.comLight Chip Gift Box

The Esclaire Tile is available in standard sizes of:

• 15 ¾” x 15 ¾”

• 15 ¾” x 23 ⅝”

• 15 ¾” x 39 ⅓”

• Custom sizes available

Options include Mood lighting is possible with High Energy Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Panels (thickness – approximately 1 cm) in white light only; Aluminum or Wooden Frames.  Detail product information can be downloaded at

For further information, please send email to or contact Calvin Patrick, Managing Director, at 414.308.0511.

Warm regards,
Calvin Patrick
Managing Director
Ashli Jewelers/Ashanti Interiors

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