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May 7, 2010

Tourbillon Collection by Zitura

Tourbillon Collection by Zitura

What Is A Tourbillon?

Tourbillon (meaning “whirlwind” in French)  is a device invented by in 1795  Abraham Louis Breguet to counteract the effects of gravity in the accuracy of clocks and watches. The tourbillon was originally designed to eliminate errors of rate in pocket watches, which were kept in vertical positions for long periods of time.

How Does A Tourbillon Work?

When a watch is in the vertical position, gravity either accelerates or slows the balance and escapement mechanism that regulates the speed of rotation of the wheels. A tourbillon is comprised of a mobile carriage or cage containing the regulating mechanism (balance wheel with hairspring) and the lever escapement, with the balance in the center, and this mechanism rotates the wheels. The escape pinion turns about the fixed fourth wheel. By mounting the escapement in a rotating frame, all errors were reproduced and thereby cancelled the effect of gravity when the escapement is rotated 180°. The frame makes one revolution per minute, thus annulling errors of rate in the vertical position. The rotation of the whole device around the axis of the frame suppresses the effects of friction or other effects caused by unbalanced components and gravity.

Considered as one of the most complex of watch complications, tourbillons are prized for their engineering and design principles. Building a tourbillon is viewed as a testament to a watchmaker’s skill and the sheer complexity and achievement of such miniature handmade mechanisms makes the movement one of the most valued complications.

The Zitura Tourbillon Collection can be purchased at Ashli Jewelers Facebook Store Front using any major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex) or PayPal if you so choose, Safe and Secure.  Free Shipping and for a limited time only receive a free Black Genuine Alligator Leather Briefcase a $799.95 Value!

A beautiful and exclusive watch box comes together with each ZITURA watch.  The box has a removable tray with a soft cushion.

Zitura is a Swiss company originally located in the cantons of Bienne and Zug and was moved to Magliaso in Southern Switzerland. The name Zitura remains synonymous with Pure Value. The meaning of Zitura derives from two expressions in Swiss dialect for time and watch, i.e. “Zyt” and “Ur”. In line with the esteemed image of the Swiss bank, Zitura is proud to offer the updated Swiss Bankers Watch, upholding the ideals of elegance, quality, and value.

Ashli Jewelers is a Luxury e-retailer who goal is to provide products with Extraordinary Creativity in Design with Exceptional Materials and Quality that are rare and extremely unique to the world’s most discerning Clientele.

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April 21, 2010

Zitura The Watch with Timeless Value

High end quality watches with reasonable prices – quite a challenge already, but Zitura wanted something more, something unique, something to stand out. That is why Zitura contacted one of the five worldwide leading institutes of precious metal technology located in Switzerland and developed together with their research department a special dial. The challenge was to integrate the existing idea of a gold bar with a purity of 999.9 pure 24K along with a new and yet timeless design, that no one would be able to imitate.

The dial has a purity of 999.9 pure 24K gold and has been manufactured in Switzerland. The official Swiss minting institute issues an individual certificate verifying the exact purity and weight of each 999.9 solid gold dial.

The dial has a purity of 999.5 platinum and has been manufactured in Switzerland. The official Swiss minting institute isssues an individual certificate verifying the exact purity and weight of each 999.5 platinum dial.

At this point the final and most intricate passage of the Zitura dial making takes place and sets this dial apart from any other gold or platinum bullion dial in the market: the minting of the Zitura logo in form of an iridor®. Each dial has been manufactured in Switzerland under a worldwide exclusive and patented process with a kinegram logo embossed on the precious metal dial. Additionally, each ZITURA ingot dial is minted with an individual serial number as a record of origin and authenticity.

But there is also an other reason for using this highly sophisticated technology on precious metals: the sheer beauty of its iridescence. The combination of invisibly small elementary areas of micro profiles on pure gold, interacting with the dancing light is something that no photograph can portray appropriately: you just have to see it.

And you’ll know at once – this is a Zitura watch.

Each ZITURA watch is presented with a goldplated stainless steel/ stainless steel bracelet or a genuine crocodile strap with an anti-allergic lining and a butterfly spring buckle.

A beautiful and exclusive watch box comes together with each ZITURA watch. The box has a removable tray with a soft cushion.

Ashli Jewelers is proud to announce that we are an authorized dealer of the Zitura Watch Collection.  The collection comes in 6 distinct lines ranging in price from  $2500 – $19,000.

• Reefton Gold/Platinum
• Kidston Gold/Platinum
• Tank
• Reefton half or full bezel IF-VVS and colored diamonds
• Kidston  half or full bezel IF-VVS  diamonds

Every Zitra Watch:

• Certificate issued by official Swiss minting company verifies gold or platinum purity, origin and weight of dial.
• Each watch has an individual engraved serial number on the backside.
• Waterproof to 3 ATM with scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
• 100% Swiss Quartz movement.
• International warranty.
• Swiss Made.

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