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June 8, 2011

“Treasure” each moment with every compliment you will receive will carrying this clutch!

Treasure each moment with every compliment you will receive will carrying sporting this clutch! This handbag is dreamt of then carefully handcrafted using the finest Swarovski Crystals resulting in a masterpiece that will turn heads and inspire envy.

This creation will match a facet of your character, from simple and elegant to frivolous and fun – a seamless extension of your persona. This handbag is not just a handbag, nor just a fashion statement, but a lifestyle that will release and energize by expressing your natural radiance.

Hundreds of exquisite, perfectly cut Swarovski crystals adorn the outside of this bag.  Each one reflects its own individual light, each facet an aspect of its character and all twinkling in harmony with your radiance.  Each handbag comes with the following:

1. A certificate from Swarovski comes with each bag, authenticating the crystals use.
2. Each bag comes with a detachable chain, with detailing (optional).
3. Come with four changeable tassels in black, white, orange, and blue.
4. The inside of each bag is lined entirely with genuine leather.
5. Spare crystals are included with each bag
6. Each handbag comes with packaged in a dust bag and box.

Purchase the “Treasure” handbag using Paypal safe  for $1045.95 and receive free shipping along with “Precious Brooch” silver metal is completed by a crystal and silver pendant sphere valued $199!

If you wish to speak with a customer service representative to order by phone or request additional information please call toll free 866.382.4907 x101. We will email an invoice for safe and secure payment by Google Checkout or Paypal.

Ashli Jewelers is a Luxury e-retailer who goal is to provide products with Extraordinary Creativity in Design with Exceptional Materials and Quality that are rare and extremely unique to the world’s most discerning Clientele.

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