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September 11, 2010

Mens Jewelry Collection

You thought diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  It is about time girls realized they are not alone! Chic urban men who are super conscious of their persona and strive for an uber-cool look are sporting the bling-bling these days.  No, we aren’t talking of diamond rings or watches or bracelets.  What’s hot this season is something that has been around since a long time but is being considered stylish only recently.

Ashli Jewelers proudly presents  a line of men’s jewelry  for any male with discriminating taste.  The collection consists of cufflinks, money clip and bracelets featuring paves or princess cut diamonds set in 18 karat white or yellow gold.  We use two of the most important characteristics of diamonds for use in our mens collection, Color and Clarity.

Diamond-studded cufflinks for men are making a storming entry into the wardrobes of men in the US and they can be seen sporting the shiny and chunky pieces of metal on their coats in parties, concerts and even lounges!

Color is one the most important factors determining a diamond’s value.  The whiter it is, the rarer and therefore the more precious it is.  The international assessment scale starts with the letter D, referring to the purest diamond, followed by all the succeeding letters of the alphabet through to Z, for the most highly colored diamonds.  Ashli Jewelers selects diamonds of exceptional color that belong only to the finest three categories  that means that the  diamonds selected by us are not only extremely beautiful bit also extremely rare!

Clarity is an essential criterion.  Its is determined by the number, size and position of inclusions (internal imperfections? And surface defects (external blemishes? That affect the passage of light through the diamonds.  A diamond is said to be “pure” if no internal or external defect cam be detected under magnification x10.  Almost all diamonds have impurities; while they may not affect its beauty, they do decrease its value.  The classification of clarity ranges from FL (no defect) to I3 (inclusions visible to the naked eye).  The GIA’s official international system provides the following measurement scale:

Because the singular and remarkable charm of a Ashli Jewelers diamond above all depends on this clarity; We select diamonds from among the purest available FL, IF, VVS1 and VVS2.  Of all the clarity qualities available, Ashli Jewelers therefore only uses the top four categories to ensure that it selects only the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

Make a bold fashion statement while accented your wardrobe….  Become of Fan of Ashli Jewelers and receive a 20% discount using any major credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex) or PayPal, safe and secure and receive free Rawdon Watch by Zitura “The Watch With Timeless Value” valued at $1199.95 along with Free Insured Shipping!

The Rawdon Features:

• White Mother of Pearl Dial with eight handset diamonds IF – VVS, F/G
• Stainless steel case with steel bracelet
• Waterproof to 3 ATM
• Scratch resistant crystal glass
• Two year warranty
• Swiss Made

Each exquisite piece comes gift packaged in a high gloss rosewood humidor with exquisite wood inlay lined with premium Kiln dried Spanish cedar that holds up to 100 cigars:

• One large rectangle humidifier
• One glass hygrometer with brass frame
• One Spanish cedar tray with divider
• Two dividers at bottom
• Gold-plated lock and key with tassel
• Hidden quadrant and piano hinges
• Brass inset handles
• Felt lined accessory drawer

Ashli Jewelers is a Luxury e-retailer who goal is to provide products with Extraordinary Creativity in Design with Exceptional Materials and Quality that are rare and extremely unique to the world’s most discerning Clientele.

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