Ashli Jewelers

February 9, 2010

Genuine Alligator Rolling Ball Pens

Ashli Jewelers is please to offer line of rolling ball pens that are assembled using fittings of the highest quality.  All parts of alligator bone / alligator leather luxury pens are turned and finished by master craftsmen in the USA.  The deluxe fountain pens are made of alligator jawbone and sterling silver.   The deluxe rolling ball pen comes with either a genuine alligator leather or jawbone covered cap.

Each pen will take refills of Parker style or any similar ones. Plating available: platinum, gold titanium, or black titanium. Alligator bone / alligator leather pens are made one by one and are unique. No two are ever exactly alike.  Each alligator bone reveals a different color pattern and different shades of color. These are pens to those who seek rare, beautiful possessions. A luxury alligator rolling pen is the ultimate luxury writing instrument.

Pen care: Do not leave the pen in extreme heat or cold.  To maintain luster of pen use a good neutral wax such as Carnauba, with soft cloth.

 If you wish to speak with a customer service representative to order by phone please call toll free 866.382.4907 x101 to speak with a customer service representative.  We will email an invoice for safe and secure payment by Google Checkout or Paypal.

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