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July 3, 2009

The Esclaire Tile – Art Meets Science

As an abstract piece of art likened to the best works of the 20th century, the Esclaire Tile is not only stunning to look at, but enlightening too.  When you look at an Esclaire Tile, it’s colorful patterns shift and disappear, then reappear, depending upon viewing angle.

Eslaire Tile #1

Art meets Science

The Esclaire Tile is like a new form of kaleidoscope or New Age light puzzle.  You may see a bird, a sky, a galaxy, a landscape, human forms, just about anything really, contingent upon your subjective reasoning.  To think that ancient mineral crystals when seen through polarized light could be so interesting!

Eslaire Tile #2

For Architects and Interior Designers, the Esclaire Tile offers a unique and impressive ambient lighting solution


Ruth Wolf, Feng-Shui Architect, Germany

Polarized Light & Wellness

In a myriad of clinical studies, polarized light has been proven to have positive effects on the human body.  It can penetrate deep into cellular tissue, thereby stimulating the molecular structure of cell membranes.  It has been shown to help strengthen the body’s metabolism, the immune system and thereby, hasten the body’s regenerative processes.  Cuts and wounds appear to heal faster in polarized light.  The new science of Light Medicine is beginning to dawn and it appears to hold light-years of promise.

For color therapists and light researchers, the Esclaire Tile offers a way to explore polarized polychromatic light patterns (interference colors) oscillating through natural mineral crystal grids.

Eslaire Tile #3

Harnessing the optical properties of muscovite

Eslaire Tile #4

In normal daylight, Muscovite (Potassium aluminum silicate hydroxide fluoride, which belongs to the Mica Group) is transparent / colorless

Muscovite possesses the optical property of birefringence (double refraction) meaning that it can split a beam of light into two rays.  One of the rays is faster than the other.  When polarized light is applied to a birefringent mineral (or material), the two rays of light are brought back together on one plane of oscillation, thereby creating beautiful interference colors within the mineral.

Light Sprectrum

The gradient above shows the color emission spectrum for the mineral muscovite in polarized light.  To view a short video-clip click the picture below or The Light Chip to see the interaction with light!

Light Chip Video

The Esclaire Tile is available in standard sizes of:

• 15 ¾” x 15 ¾”

• 15 ¾” x 23 ⅝”

• 15 ¾” x 39 ⅓”

• Custom sizes available

Options include Mood lighting is possible with High Energy Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Panels (thickness – approximately 1 cm) in white light only; Aluminum or Wooden Frames.  Detail product information can be downloaded at or click on the widget to on the right.  Send inquires to


Bathroom install of the Esclaire tile

For further information, please send email to

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