Ashli Jewelers

June 29, 2009

“Show that Special Someone How Much You Really….”

Ashli Jewelers is a Luxury e-commerce jeweler retailer who goal is to provide products with Extraordinary Creativity in Design with Exceptional Materials and Quality that are rare and extremely unique to the world’s most discerning Clientele. Our product mix includes men and women diamond and gemstone jewelry, collectibles, Objects D’ Art and watches.

What makes stand out from other luxury jewelers? As a commercial entity, Ashli Jewelers is committed to optimizing, not compromising, creative genius with customer-centric goals and objectives consistent with our luxury DNA. Yet, we are completely flexible as to how the objectives are achieved. We believe in welcoming and nurturing our clientele where price premium is earned and our key assets is creating long-term trust and collaborative relationships with, and between, its customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and society-at-large.

We offer the following:Cerius Diamond Flower Brooch

  1. Women ~10cts Tennis Bracelets set with diamonds and precious stones set in 18kt gold.
  2. Women diamond and gemstone brooches, bangles and earrings.
  3. Men > 20cts Diamond Tennis bracelets set in 18kt gold.
  4. Men Cufflinks set with Diamonds and Precious Stones.
  5. The Refton Collection by Zitura featuring white and color diamond bezels with platinum dials.
  6. Bapala Keshavlal Collection featuring necklaces and earrings with diamonds and precious gemstones.
  7. Objects’ D Art – Gemstone Castle Time Clocks, Preaching Stand based,  Decorative Eggs
  8. Gemstone Picture Art.
  9. Illuminating Gemstone Picture Tiles.
  10. Art Inlay Clocks by Le Ore.

Our main objective is to focus on six + one key areas that luxury marketing must pay attention to—people, product, passion, pleasure, purpose, and price + PHILANTHROPY. Ashli Jewelers recognizes the need to adapt quickly to the social responsibility wave and our brand to be ethical and transparent in deeds, and in the minds of our constituents. We believe it makes good business sense to be charitable in new ways that truly make a documented difference to those intended to be helped. We have a philanthropy program through our sales effort we will donate up to 5% of total sale picked by the client. Here are the following charities we will support:

• American Cancer Society (ACS)
• – Third World loan program
• United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
• United Performing Arts Fund (UPA)
• United Children Relief Fund (UNICEF)

Philanthropy Symbol • American Cancer Society (ACS)
• – Third World loan program
• United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
• United Performing Arts Fund (UPA)
• United Children Relief Fund (UNICEF)

Here at Ashli Jewelers we say  “Show that Special Someone How Much You Really….”

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  1. dear sir..may i know your address ..?..thank you

    Comment by frinda susanto — December 26, 2009 @ 8:00 am

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